Frequently Asked Questions

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Working with Finanshels

We integrate with the accounting software that you use and provide an intuitive analytics dashboard where you can monitor key financial KPIs, such as revenue growth, gross profit, net profit margin, runway, LTV, and daily reports. Additionally, our simplified presentation of financial statements, trend analysis, and management reports empowers you to make informed decisions with ease

Our team brings a diverse range of skills to the table, including CFOs, tax consultants, certified accountants, and automation experts. By collaborating and brainstorming, we implement bespoke solutions tailored to your unique reporting requirements, best practices and processes that optimize your finance functions and reduce errors and fraudulence.

Our team of experts has extensive experience in designing customized chart of accounts and finance architecture that perfectly fits your unique business model. We understand that different accounting software have unique capabilities and we work with you to assess and analyze the best software for your business. Our team also specializes in streamlining complex financial models into simple, scalable processes that can be easily integrated into your accounting software.

It’s not a smart idea to do accounting yourself, Accounting needs specialised skills and expertise and if you enter a trash into the accounting books, that shows up in your board reports. It consume high number of hours for the learning curve and to make it perfect. It’s highly human intensive. Rather you could outsource and focus on growing your company, adding users, building the right team, and fall in love again with what you do.

Our streamlined process requires minimal support from your team. Simply provide us with necessary documents and access to data points, and we'll handle the rest with ease.

Finance Concierge

Outsourcing your accounting tasks can free up your time to focus on growing your company, building your team, and doing what you love. Accounting requires specialized skills and knowledge about compliance and government regulations. If you enter data incorrectly, the reports generated by accounting software can be misleading. Learning accounting takes a significant amount of time, and it can be a highly human-intensive process. Trust our experts to handle your accounting tasks, so you can focus on growing your business.

We spend as much time as needed to get the job done. We do not charge clients on an hourly basis, so all of the time spent servicing your business — human, or otherwise — is included in the flat monthly subscription fee.

Finanshels is a full-service platform, where everything is managed by our in-house team of certified accounting experts. Entries into Accounting Software are made by a blend of human financial experts in collaboration with our AI-powered technology platform to deliver 100% accurate books.

The Finanshels Finance Team is made up of Accountants, Chartered Accountants (CA) Certified Public Accountants (CPA), Tax Advisors and Chief Financial Officers (CFO) with a collective 100+ years of experience. Beyond their respective degrees and years of experience, each Finanshels Finance Expert has completed certifications for the core accounting and financial services used at Finanshels (Quickbooks Online, Bill.com, Expensify, etc.).

Yes! We review, update, and fix every transaction categorization on a daily basis, and ensure receipts are properly attached within your accounting software. Finanshels also manages all receipts for you in a central Google Drive location.

Rather than having to juggle different contacts for different requests, the Finanshels Finance Concierge serves as a single point of contact to reach your dedicated team of Finanshels Finance Experts (bookkeepers, CA/CPAs, CFOs, Tax Advisors).Customers can email their dedicated <company>@Finanshels.ai email address with questions or requests, or request a call with our finance team at any point in time. Chat support via the Finanshels Dashboard and Slack coming soon.

We are not a traditional accounting firm. Think of us as a complete finance solution - offering access to CFOs, tax consultants, and certified accountants. Plus, we provide a real-time dashboard to track your metrics, integration with your bank accounts, payment gateways, and POS systems, and ready-to-use tools for expense tracking, payroll processing, and cloud-based document storage. Our automated technology stack acts as your dedicated finance department, eliminating the need for a learning curve.

Fractional CFO

Yes! This is included as part of our CFO Plan. Learn more about our plans and pricing here.

Finanshels offers a full suite of CFO Services as part of our CFO Plan, which includes the following key activities. As with all Finanshels plans, the Finanshels CFO plan is available for a flat monthly fee based on monthly expenses. Visit our pricing page for more details. Financial Planning & Analysis (FP&A), including scenario modeling Budgeting and tracking (compare actuals vs planned) Monthly business review of KPIs (eg: ARR, CAC, LTV, Net Retention, EBITDA) Board meeting finance presentations (remote) Coordination with 409A provider Board deck guidance Due diligence and fundraising preparation.


Finanshels currently offers a payroll manager service to administer all aspects of payroll for your company. We do not have formal HR services beyond this.

Finanshels defaults to using accrual basis accounting, but can work with companies who require cash basis accounting.

Yes, bill pay and invoicing services are available to customers using Finanshels's Full Service and/or Professional Plans. Learn more about our plans and pricing here.

Finanshels offers three tiers of plans — Full Service, Professional Plan, and Enterprise Plan — for a flat monthly subscription fee. Fees are determined by your company's monthly expenses, and pricing automatically scales up or down based on the average of your past two months' expenses. No hourly billing, no surprises. Visit our pricing page for more details.

Yes. We offer flexible subscription payment options, including monthly and annual (upfront) payment terms. All Finanshels subscriptions auto-renew at the end of one-year period unless cancelled prior to renewal.

Yes! All customers have access to their dedicated Finanshels Finance Concierge 24/7 and can schedule Zoom calls with our team of finance experts as necessary for no additional fee.

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