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Accounting period

An accounting period is a specific length of time that is used for the purpose of preparing financial statements.

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Accounts payable

Accounts payable is a term used in accounting to refer to the amount of money that a company owes to its suppliers and creditors for goods and services that have been purchased on credit.

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Accounts receivable

Accounts receivable is an asset account that represents money that is owed to a business by its customers for goods or services that have been delivered but not yet paid for.

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Accredited Investor

An accredited investor is a term used by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to describe individuals and entities that are allowed to invest in certain types of private investment opportunities.

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Accrual accounting

Accrual accounting is a method of accounting in which revenues and expenses are recognized when they are earned or incurred, rather than when they are received or paid.

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Amortization is the process of gradually reducing the value of an intangible asset, such as a loan or bond, over a specific period of time.

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Angel Investor

An angel investor is an individual who provides financial backing for small start-up companies or entrepreneurs.

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Annual Contract Value (ACV)

Annual contract value (ACV) is a term used to describe the average annual revenue generated by a customer contract.

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Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR)

Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR) is a financial metric that measures the portion of a company's revenue that is expected to recur on an annual basis.

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Annual report

An annual report is a document that provides detailed information about a company's financial performance and activities over the course of a fiscal year.

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Assets are items of value that are owned by an individual or a business.

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Average Revenue Per User (ARPU)

Average Revenue Per User (ARPU) is a financial metric that measures the average amount of revenue that a company generates from each of its users or customers.

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