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Frequently Asked Questions

We are not similar to traditional accounting firms. Imagine having a full finance stack available that helps you to grow faster - CFOs, Tax consultants, and accountants, additionally, you have a dashboard to track real-time metrics, an accounting software that integrates your bank accounts/payment gateways, and POS systems. You have ready-to-use tools to track expenses, process payroll, and store your documents on the cloud. We act as your finance department with automated tech stacks so that your financial management is taken care of with a zero learning curve.

Minimum support only required. Your team only needs to send bills and give access to the data points.

It’s not a smart idea to do accounting yourself,  Accounting needs specialised skills and expertise and if you enter a trash into the accounting books, that shows up in your board reports. It consume high number of hours for the learning curve and to make it perfect. It’s highly human intensive.Rather you could outsource and  focus on growing your company, adding users, building the right team, and fall in love again with what you do.

Any complex business model can be plugged into a simple accounting system if you design a chart of accounts and finance architecture well. Different accounting software has different capabilities and needs to be assessed based on your reporting needs. However, accountants also suggest streamlining the process to make complex models into simple and scalable one.

As a team, we have different skill sets to manage finances. Our team members have been CFOs, Tax consultants, Accountants, and automation experts. While designing charts of accounts or choosing an accounting software that is suited to reporting requirements, we brainstorm to find the most effective solutions that increase the impact of your finance functions and reduces the cost to manage it. We have seen some companies have army of accountants not needed and some companies, their accountants have messed up the books.

We are not offering accounting software. Most of the accounting softwares does not provide analytics and key financial KPIs. We give you simple analytics dashboard where you can track all important financial KPIs like revenue growth, gross profit margin, runaway, LTV, daily reports that are in need for you Plus we also provide a simple presentation of your financials statements, trend analytics and management reports in the dashboard.