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Compared to corporate environments, startups offer a unique opportunity for rapid learning, growth, and career advancement. Finanshels is an excellent place for individuals seeking to prove themselves because the company values and acknowledges outstanding performance, often rewarding it accordingly. It provides an exceptional learning environment, offering a comprehensive understanding of accounting from a 360-degree perspective. Here, it's not limited to performing a single accounting process.

Suhail  K Y
Tax Planning Specialist

Its pleasure being a part of  Finanshels.  The company has a clear vision and mission, and it values its employees and customers. The work environment is supportive and collaborative, and the management is responsive and transparent. The company also offers opportunities for learning and growth, and it recognizes and rewards good performance. I enjoy working with my colleagues and clients, and feel proud to be part of this company.

Parvathy Suresh
Finance Executive

From the outset, it has been a positive and fruitful collaboration. The level of expertise and attention to detail has greatly contributed to the success of our financial operations It's refreshing to work with professionals who not only understand the intricacies of financial management but also value clear and effective communication. In summary, my experience with Finanshels has been nothing short of excellent.

Raghavendra Neelakanta
Financial Controller

It's been a wonderful company starting out. Several things worth pointing out are within the overall atmosphere. Since Finanshels is a start up, it allows the management team to easily help everyone get acquainted with the overall job feel. My fellow team members have been wonderful helping me get setup in my domain. The hiring process was wonderful and easily streamlined. All expectations were made clear throughout the entire process. I look forward to making a full career at Finanshels by achieving the expectations placed in front of me and grow with the organization.

Rahman Sadik
Relationship Manager

Finanshels has been a great learning and collaborating space. The hiring process was wonderfully streamlined. All the team members and the management are highly supportive, enthusiastic and motivating. Looking forward to making a great career with the company.

Maneesha Sreekanth
Finance Executive

I am pleased to share my positive feedback on the company. The work environment is both supportive and conducive to productivity. Colleagues consistently exhibit a friendly and collaborative attitude, contributing to a harmonious professional atmosphere. Additionally, the company's promotion of self-learning through various initiatives underscores its dedication to employee development and contributes to a rewarding workplace experience.

Sreelakshmy R
Talent Management

Great place to work for. Supportive management and the team. Team encourages professional and career development.

Pavithra Rao
Finance Executive

In my initial three days at the company, I've had a positive experience overall. The management has been incredibly supportive, with my manager playing a key role in creating a comfortable and welcoming environment. Furthermore, the colleagues have been supportive, contributing to a pleasant and collaborative work atmosphere. I'm also impressed by the positive working culture in place.

Yashwini  N K
Financial Associate
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