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Streamline Financial Strategy with
Expert CFO Insights

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Instant CFO
Gain immediate access to the expertise and insights of experienced CFOs whenever you need them.
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Custom Financial
Make wise financial decisions by customizing strategic planning and forecasting to fit your unique business objectives.
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Comprehensive Financial
Stay on top of your budget, cash flow, and performance with comprehensive monitoring.
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Expert M&A
Gain expert advice on mergers, acquisitions, and fundraising activities for a well-rounded approach.

Enhance Your Financial Strategy with Fractional CFO Services

A good financial strategy is essential in the ever-changing business world. However, not all organisations can afford a full-time CFO. Finanshels provides Fractional CFO Services for customised financial advice. We'll discuss how these services can boost your business's finances in this

What are Fractional CFO Services?

A fractional CFO is a senior financial specialist who provides strategic financial advice and services to your firm without a full-time employment. Finanshels offers UAE Fractional CFO Services to meet the financial demands of enterprises across industries.

Why Choose Finanshels for Fractional CFO Services?

Tailored Financial Expertise

Our experienced financial professionals have worked with numerous firms. Our Fractional CFO Services UAE are tailored to your financial needs as a startup, small business, or growing corporation. We collaborate with you to understand your business and create financial plans that meet your goals.

Fractional CFO Services in UAE: A Strategic Advantage

UAE finance is complex and requires local experience. Our UAE Fractional CFO Services handle regional rules and business circumstances. You may make smart financial decisions to expand and comply with your business with our help.

Comprehensive Financial Services

In addition to fractional CFO services, Finanshels offers other financial services. Our professionals handle your business's finances holistically, from planning through analysis, budgeting, and forecasting. This integrated strategy ensures that your financial decisions are based on a complete financial picture of your firm.

Benefits of Fractional CFO Services

  • Effective
    Fractional CFO Services offer the skills of a seasoned financial professional without the cost of a full-time hire.
  • Strategic Insight
    Access high-level financial insights to boost growth, decrease risk, and boost profits.
  • Flexible engagement
    Choose a few hours a week or more to suit your business's needs.
  • Flexibility
    Choose the level of engagement that suits your business's needs, whether it's a few hours a week or more.


Strategic financial management is essential in modern business. Finanshels' Fractional CFO Services give you a financial partner who cares about your success. Our team collaborates to improve your financial strategy with personalized expertise and comprehensive financial services. Finanshels is the future of financial management, where success is a strategy, not a goal.
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Full strategic finance support

Ongoing CFO support, dedicated to your business. Based on your needs, each month your CFO can:
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Review your financial health and processes
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Maintain and enhance operating budget & financial forecast
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Support vendor contract review & negotiations
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Conduct strategic analyses and provide recommendations for sales efficiency, retention, benchmarking and more
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What our Members Are Saying

Jeremy Khatar
"None of the accounting software was working for us as our business model is complex. Finanshels designed an accounting system tailor made to our needs and completely automated our finance operations just like they promised. They have been super helpful for us to scale."
Jeremy Khatar
CEO, Ronin Global LLC, USA
Bader Al Kazemi
"If you ever do any financial modeling/forecasting, I seriously can't recommend Finanshels enough. they are a dependable team of professionals who work hard to deliver results."
Bader Al Kazemi
Founder, Optimize App
Meet Patel
"We are extremely satisfied to have with us as they thoroughly understood our business processes and streamlined our accounting processes faster than expected. Both in-house and outsourced accountants failed multiple times to streamline and structure our complex financial operations as we deal with a large audience and extensive activities. We highly recommend to everyone instead of hiring in-house accountants."
Meet Patel
COO, Bawes Co.

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