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Muhammad Shafeekh

Fractional CFO

Muhammed Shafeekh,CMA - Dynamic Financial Consultant with Global Expertise. CMA-certified. Consulted for renowned companies including Microsoft, HSBC, Tata. Former Startup CFO for Mashkor & Alzubda, adept at turning around businesses, driving growth, and optimizing cash flow. Seasoned professional with a background at Grant Thornton. Over 10 years of experience in finance. Let's maximize your financial performance!

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Ex Mashkor
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Suhail KY

Tax Expert

Suhail KY, CMA - UAE Tax Expert. With a CMA and MBA, I've advised 30+ companies on strategic tax planning in the UAE. As Finance & Tax Specialist at Finanshels.com, I bring extensive knowledge in tax regulations and optimization. Former Taxation Officer at Britannia Industries, specializing in GST reconciliation and maximizing Input Tax Credit. Trust me to navigate the complexities of UAE taxation for your financial success.

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Ex Britannia
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Muhammad Musthafa

Xero/Zoho/quickbooks Expert

Muhammed Musthafa, VK, is a software expert specializing in Xero, Zoho, and QuickBooks. As a certified advisor in these platforms, Muhammed optimizes financial processes, streamlines bookkeeping, and empowers businesses with efficient software solutions. With his deep understanding of software workflows, Muhammed clarifies doubts, sets up books, and maximizes the potential of these platforms. Leverage his expertise to revolutionize your financial operations. Contact Muhammed now and unlock the power of Xero, Zoho, and QuickBooks for your business success.

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Muhammad Musthafa

Bookkeeping Expert

Muhammed Musthafa, VK, is a renowned accounting expert with a keen eye for detail. His extensive experience allows him to review books, uncover errors, and ensure financial accuracy. Muhammed specializes in automating accounting functions, cleaning chart of accounts, and establishing efficient systems. By streamlining processes, he enhances efficiency and saves valuable time and resources. He has consulted over 40 + companies to streamline accounting operations. Book a meeting today.

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Mitesh Dabhi

Analytics expert

Mitesh is a passionate analytics expert with a strong focus on data analysis and process automation. His vast experience in the field enables him to develop innovative solutions that streamline financial operations and enhance efficiency for his clients. Mitesh's unwavering dedication to research and automation continually drives him to reduce the time and effort required by finance professionals.

Previously at
Ex MindX Advisory LLP
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