Payroll refers to the process of paying employees for the work that they have performed. It involves calculating the amount of pay that each employee is entitled to, withholding the appropriate taxes and other deductions, and issuing payment to the employees. Payroll is an important function for a business because it ensures that employees are paid accurately and on time. It is also a compliance-heavy process, as companies are required to comply with various federal, state, and local laws and regulations regarding payroll, such as withholding taxes and providing pay stubs to employees.

What is Finanshels?

What is Finanshels?Setting up a good small-business bookkeeping system can be an involved process, especially if you’re not an experienced bookkeeper. Rather than spending enormous time and effort on getting your books up and running, consider turning to Finanshels for help. We’ll set up your bookkeeping system to ensure that your business is starting off right – and we’ll save you a huge amount of stress.Want someone to help you organize your bookkeeping system? Try Finanshels