Month Over Month (MoM)

Month over Month (MoM) is a term used to compare the performance of a metric or business metric from one month to the same month in the previous year.

For example, a company may compare its sales from December 2021 to its sales from December 2020 to see if its sales have increased or decreased over the last year. This type of comparison is useful for tracking the overall health of a business and identifying trends over time. It is often used in conjunction with other metrics, such as year over year (YoY) growth, to provide a more complete picture of a company's performance.

What is Finanshels?

What is Finanshels?Setting up a good small-business bookkeeping system can be an involved process, especially if you’re not an experienced bookkeeper. Rather than spending enormous time and effort on getting your books up and running, consider turning to Finanshels for help. We’ll set up your bookkeeping system to ensure that your business is starting off right – and we’ll save you a huge amount of stress.Want someone to help you organize your bookkeeping system? Try Finanshels