March 27, 2024

Who Needs to Register for UAE Corporate Tax

Who Needs to Register for UAE Corporate Tax

As the UAE introduces its Corporate Tax framework, understanding who needs to register, the process, and the implications of registration becomes paramount for businesses operating within the country. Drawing from extensive empirical research and guidelines provided by the Federal Tax Authority (FTA), this article aims to demystify the corporate tax registration process in layman's terms, complete with detailed examples.

Who Needs to Register for Corporate Tax?

All Taxable Persons are required to register for UAE Corporate Tax and obtain a Corporate Tax Registration Number. This includes businesses of all sizes and types operating in the UAE, irrespective of their revenue.

  • Non-Resident Persons: Those earning income from the UAE but without a permanent establishment in the country do not need to register, as their home country typically has the right to tax that income.
  • Exemption Seekers: Entities like investment funds aiming for exemption must first register before applying for Corporate Tax exemption.

Registration Timeline

Businesses must ensure they are registered before filing their first Corporate Tax Return. The FTA may also proactively register a business.

Registration Threshold

Unlike VAT, there is no threshold for Corporate Tax registration. Every taxable entity must register.

Registration Process

Registration is streamlined through the EmaraTax Portal, where businesses can electronically submit their details.

Already VAT Registered?

Businesses already registered for VAT must still register for Corporate Tax, updating their details accordingly.

Even If Exempt?

Yes, even entities that are exempt from Corporate Tax Tool or have no tax liability are required to obtain a Corporate Tax Registration Number. This includes public and certain private funds, Qualifying Investment Funds, and Government Entities conducting taxable businesses.

Detailed Examples and Clarifications

Example 1: Tech Startup

A tech startup in Dubai generates AED 5 million in revenue. Despite its high income, it must register for Corporate Tax in ajman , even if it anticipates certain exemptions or deductions.

Example 2: Investment Fund

An investment fund based in the UAE, seeking to be treated as a Qualifying Investment Fund, must first register for Corporate Tax and then apply for exemption, highlighting the procedural necessity of registration.

Multiple Businesses Under One Owner

A natural person owning several businesses that cumulatively exceed the AED 375,000 mark must register just once for Corporate Tax in Dubai, including all income and expenses from their various ventures in a single return.

UAE Company with Multiple Branches

A UAE company with several branches across the country is not required to register each branch separately. The parent company’s registration will encompass all branch activities.

Partners in Unincorporated Partnerships

  • Natural Persons: Individual partners conducting taxable business through the partnership must register individually.
  • Foreign Legal Entities: If the partnership activities establish a permanent establishment in the UAE for foreign partners, these entities also need to register.
  • Domestic Legal Entities: Already registered entities do not have additional requirements due to their partnership status.

Revenue Below AED 3 Million

Any resident juridical person must register for abu dhabi corporate tax tool regardless of its revenue level, emphasizing the universal applicability of the registration requirement.


Entities can apply for deregistration upon ceasing their business activities, provided all due taxes and penalties have been settled.


Understanding the Corporate Tax tool sharjah registration process in the UAE is crucial for all businesses operating within its jurisdiction. By adhering to the registration requirements and timelines, entities can ensure compliance with the new tax laws, avoiding potential penalties and complications. Whether you are a multinational corporation, a local startup, or a foreign entity doing business in the UAE, registering for Corporate Tax is a mandatory step on the path to compliance and fiscal responsibility.

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