May 14, 2024

Know All About The UAE Corporate Tax Registration Timeline

Know All About The UAE Corporate Tax Registration Timeline

The introduction of corporate tax in the UAE has brought about new compliance requirements for businesses operating within the jurisdiction. Understanding the registration timeline is crucial for ensuring compliance and avoiding penalties. Here’s what you need to know about the UAE Corporate Tax registration timeline.

Overview of Registration Deadlines

The UAE Federal Tax Authority (FTA) has established specific deadlines for corporate tax registration, which vary depending on the type of entity and its circumstances:

  • Resident Juridical Persons: Entities incorporated or established before March 1, 2024, must register according to a staggered timeline based on the date of license issuance. For example, if the license was issued between January 1 and February 29, 2024, the registration deadline is May 31, 2024. This timeline continues throughout the year, with varying deadlines for each subsequent period (PwC) (KPMG) (BSA Middle East Law Firm).
  • Non-Resident Juridical Persons: These entities have deadlines based on the existence of a Permanent Establishment (PE) or a nexus in the UAE. For instance, a PE existing before March 1, 2024, must register within nine months from its date of establishment (PwC) (BSA Middle East Law Firm).
  • Natural Persons: For individuals conducting business and surpassing the AED 1 million threshold, the registration deadline is March 31 of the following Gregorian calendar year (PwC) (BSA Middle East Law Firm).

Key Considerations

  • Multiple Licenses: For entities with more than one license, the earliest issued license dictates the registration timeline. This is crucial for entities to understand to avoid miscalculating their due date (PwC) (RSM Global).
  • Late Registration Penalties: Failing to meet these registration deadlines can result in a penalty of AED 10,000. It’s important for businesses to prepare in advance and ensure that all necessary documentation is ready and submitted on time (PwC) (RSM Global) (BSA Middle East Law Firm).

Best Corporate Tax Services in UAE

To navigate these regulations effectively, businesses may consider engaging with the best corporate tax services . These services can provide expert guidance on corporate tax UAE registration, ensuring that businesses not only meet their compliance requirements but also optimize their tax obligations.


Understanding and adhering to the UAE corporate tax registration timeline is crucial for all businesses operating within the UAE. Early preparation and possibly the support of a knowledgeable tax advisor can help ensure that all requirements are met efficiently and accurately. This proactive approach will help businesses avoid unnecessary penalties and ensure smooth operations under the new tax regime.

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