How Students Hub & Leveraged Finanshels for Accounting Transformation

How Students Hub & Leveraged Finanshels for Accounting Transformation

Students Hub &, Kuwait-based ventures owned by parent company Bawes Incubator- with a large customer base of over 1000+, faced significant challenges in maintaining accurate accounting records and streamlining accounting operations. 

Despite trying both outsourced accountants and in-house accountants, they struggled with obtaining accurate financial reports and management reports and lacked visibility into their financial health while making crucial decisions.

The inability to properly account for their businesses resulted in errors, untrustworthy data, and difficulty understanding profitability, cost allocation, and investors funding.

With accurate accounting records and a massive scale of operations, Bawes found itself in dire need of a financial management transformation. 

How Finanshels Helped Bawes Overcome These Struggles!

Bawes was stuck in a whirlwind of financial confusion, struggling with messy accounting and unclear decision-making. But then, along came Finanshels, igniting a powerful transformation that propelled Bawes towards unstoppable growth!

With a keen understanding of Bawes' intricate operations, diverse revenue streams, and complex expenses, Finanshels engineered a cutting-edge finance function. This meticulously designed system flawlessly captured and mapped each transaction, eliminating inaccuracies and providing a rock-solid foundation for strategic decisions.

But that's not all! Finanshels didn't stop at accurate bookkeeping. It shared valuable insights to management through easy-to-understand reports that showed how much money Bawes and subsidiary companies were making from their different businesses and customers.

“Our customised solutions have helped each client achieve a 19% growth in profitability, save 450 hours in paperwork, and reduce costs by 10%” 

Bawes had the clarity and foresight to identify cost overlaps, streamline operations, and make bold, calculated moves to dominate their market share.

Finanshels became the unwavering support system that Bawes and its subsidiaries required, It provided ongoing guidance, expert advice, and an unwavering commitment to Bawes' success. Together, they forged a partnership that transformed Bawes' financial landscape and set them on a path to exponential growth. 

The Conclusion:

Finanshels strives to empower its customers by providing the tools and resources they need to stay on top of their finances. With a deep dive into their financial system, real-time financial data and analysis, its clients gain a better understanding of their current financial situation and can make informed decisions. Finanshels’ team of experts offers guidance and support, helping clients navigate the complex landscape of financial regulations and taxes.

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