A Guide to Claiming VAT Refund in the UAE for Tourists

A Guide to Claiming VAT Refund in the UAE for Tourists

Introduced in 2018, at a rate of 5%, Vat Tool In UAE applies to various goods and services, including shopping, dining, and entertainment. Upon their visit, the UAE provides tourists with the opportunity of saving some extra cash, through a Vat Tool in Dubai refund program. In this blog, you will be walked through the steps of this process and gain a deeper understanding a trip to the UAE can be both enjoyable and cost-effective.


To be eligible for a VAT refund, you must be a non-resident of the UAE and meet a minimum purchase threshold, usually set at AED 250 (approximately $68).Moreover, the VAT refund applies to goods that are taken out of the UAE and not services or consumables like food and beverages. Foreign business owners can also apply for VAT refunds if they satisfy the following eligibility criteria:


●      The business should be located in a GCC member state other than the implementing state.

●      The business should be a foreign entity that carries on business operations, but does not have a place of establishment or fixed establishment in the UAE.

●      The business owner should not be a taxable person in the UAE.

●      The business should be registered in the GCC member state where it’s located.

●      The business should be located in a country that provides VAT refunds to UAE entities.

Claiming your VAT refund :

  1. Ask for a Tax Invoice: When making a purchase, request a tax invoice from the retailer. The invoice should clearly state the VAT amount paid.
  2. Check for the Tax Refund Logo:  Look for shops displaying the "Tax-Free" or "Premier Tax Free" logo. These retailers are part of the VAT refund program.
  3. Fill out the Tax Refund Form: At  the shop, you'll be asked to fill out a tax refund form, which includes your personal details and passport information. Make sure to have your passport with you.
  4. Get the Tax Refund Slip: After completing the form, you'll receive a tax refund slip from the retailer. Keep this slip safe, as you'll need it later.
  5. Collect the Refund: Before departing from the UAE, visit a tax refund kiosk or desk at the airport. Present your tax refund slip, passport, and the purchased items for inspection. After verification, you'll receive your VAT refund in cash or through a credit card refund.
  6. Keep the Goods Sealed: It's important to keep the goods sealed in their original packaging until you  leave the UAE, as they may be subject to inspection.


Claiming a VAT refund in the UAE as a tourist is a straightforward process and can add significant value to a tourist's shopping experience.

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